Pending (2019-2020)


Pending : unresolved, undecided, unsettled, unconcluded, uncertain, awaiting decision, awaiting action, undetermined, open, still open, hanging fire, in the air, up in the air, in limbo, in the balance, on ice, in reserve, in abeyance, ongoing, awaiting attention, outstanding, to be done, undone, not done, unattended to, unfinished, incomplete, left, remaining




The descent (Mensch Unmensch)




Noli me tangere (Maria Magdalena)





Abdullah Ocalan, founder and leader of the Kurdish PKK, was sentenced to life in prison by the Turkish government in 1999. Since then he has read 1300 books, including Rumi's mystical poetry, wrote about democracy and feminism and called for peace negotiations.




I was working on this piece when I heard about the murder of Jamal Kashoggy.
My fingers were bleeding and then I knew it had to be about him.




Liu Xia

This work is a tribute to Liu Xia, the chinese painter, poet. and photographer who lived for eight years under effective house arrest in her appartment. No mobile, no computer, no contact with the outside world, 24 hours aday surveillance. Hardly any contact with her imprisoned, now deceised, nobelprice winning husband Liu Xiabo. She lives and works in Germany now.



the painter



the writer



the dancer



The prophecies


The perfect storm



The archangels